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Asetek is an ambitious Danish company which is taking the sim racing world by storm. By using this link, a small % of what you pay goes to me. If I helped you to make your decision, this is a great way to contribute financially to this channel.

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Use code LD for 5% off!
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Latest Posts for Asetek

  • Asetek Forte Wheelbase & Steering Wheel Review
    One of the most hotly anticipated wheelbases of 2023 has arrived. Asetek has a reputation for quality and reliability in the cpu and gpu cooling space and a hardcore passion for racing. As with most sim racing companies, they believe they can do it better than the competition and today, we’re going to … Read more
  • Asetek Forte Pedals Long Term Review
    Product Link: Asetek Simsports caused quite a stir with their Hydraulic Invicta Pedals just a few months ago. Now that their introductory price has gone back to normal, many have been left yearning for another great deal. Asetek SimSports has responded nice and quickly with these, the Asetek Forte Pedals. In short, … Read more
  • Asetek Invicta Pedals Long Term Review
    What happens when an established company with exceptional quality standards enters the sim racing market? What happens when the very foundation of that company is built on people who love racing and treat sim racing like a tool to improve their real life performance? This is the Asetek SimSports Invicta 3 pedal set … Read more