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Potato Nation (Sim Racing Community)

The Potato Nation is a group of like minded (sometimes) people from all over the world, united by a passion for Sim Racing. Most of those people met as a result of watching reviews by Laurence Dusoswa. The community communicates mainly via discord, where nightly hangout sessions in voice chat are one of the core foundations of the group. Of course, not everyone hangs out in voice chat so there are many text channels where you can share everything from pics of your rig to pics of your holidays. Discuss hardware, dive deep into your favourite sim racing titles or even just watch as someone streams their race in voice chat. We have 1080p streaming unlocked thanks to community contributions, making this a top of the line discord community server.

We sponsor real life race cars, and Potato Nation even has its own logo and branding. It’s one of the best communities on the internet, with low toxicity and a high average user age (+- 37). come join the fun at