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  • Simagic Alpha U | Long Term Review
    Simagic has arguably the most complete high end product line of all sim racing hardware manufacturers. This is the Simagic Alpha U, often referred to as the Simagic Ultimate. It’s a 23Nm wheelbase which fancies itself as a strong competitor for the Simucube SC2 Pro, the Asetek Invicta and the VRS Direct Force… Read more: Simagic Alpha U | Long Term Review
  • Simagic P2000 Hydraulic Pedals | Long Term Review
    Simagic has redefined the sim racing experience for many of you watching right now. In fact, I think they changed my outlook on sim racing too. We have all been eagerly awaiting these pedals since they were announced all the way back in 2020. It has taken a while but here they are… Read more: Simagic P2000 Hydraulic Pedals | Long Term Review
  • Simagic Alpha Mini Review
    Product link (EU): simwear.euProduct link (UK Affiliate link): What an amazing time for sim racing. Direct drive used to be something that only the super rich could afford. Slowly but surely companies are releasing more affordable, yet highly powered products which give us the incredible detail that direct drive has to offer.This… Read more: Simagic Alpha Mini Review
  • Simagic Alpha Review | 15nm Direct Drive Steering Wheel
    This is the long awaited and hotly anticipated Simagic Alpha, the latest offering from Simagic, who brought us the surprisingly good and massively successful M10 in January of this year. I’ve been lucky enough to be using the Simagic alpha for over 9 months now across many sim titles and also for competitive… Read more: Simagic Alpha Review | 15nm Direct Drive Steering Wheel
  • Simagic quick release
    Changing steering wheels on your sim setup can be a bit of a pain, even with some of the more popular quick release systems on the market. I do realise that this is the most “first world” problem you’re likely to hear about today, but when you spend a lot of money on… Read more: Simagic quick release
  • Simagic M10 review
    In January, i released my eagerly anticipated Simagic M10 review, and with record numbers of views, it certainly hit the mark. Transcript from video Intro In this video I’m going to be reviewing the simagic dynamic m10 direct drive wheel base along with the simagic dynamic GT1 wheel rim. This is the first… Read more: Simagic M10 review