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August 2021

Product affiliate linksSC2 Sport : https://digital-motorsports.com/products/simucube-2-sport?aff=2 SC2 Pro: https://digital-motorsports.com/products/simucube-pro-2-direct-drive-wheel-base?aff=2 Simlab P1-X: https://digital-motorsports.com/products/p1-x-sim-racing-chassis?aff=2 Simlab front mount: https://digital-motorsports.com/products/front-mounting-bracket-set?aff=2 https://youtu.be/BLcnHPhW-yE These days, we accept that direct drive is the gold standard for force feedback. Our only issue is balancing the hardware we want, with the hardware we can afford.Simucube is synonymous with exceptional force feedback, so today I