Laurence Dusoswa

Father and part time Sim Racing content creator, petrol head and long term sim racer for at least the past 20 years. I got my first force feedback steering wheel at the age of 13, back in 1998. I sunk thousands of hours into some amazing simulation titles like Colin McRae Rally, looking for those hundredths and thousandths of seconds from morning until night.

So what's the craic?

Hardware is sent to me by companies without charge unless otherwise stated. Review samples must reflect production ready products as any differences between the product I receive and the product that the viewers buy can be incredibly damaging to both your and my reputation.


I do not charge for reviews and never will. I reserve the right NOT to produce a review where products are deemed not ready, faulty or not good enough. Reviews take place over a number of weeks where I subject them to being used as my main hardware which I will depend on for all of my league races, practice and fun. This leads to a very thorough review which is the standard at which I expect all of my reviews to be. Please also note that I have a family and a full time high pressure job. Timelines may be impacted by ‘real life’ as my review process is so thorough and time intensive.


Review hardware is NEVER sold for personal financial gain. It may be given to charity, sold to raise funds for charity or donated to members of the community but it is integral to my review process that I do not get paid for reviews. This includes not financially benefiting in any way from the potential sale of the hardware that I receive for review. In most cases, hardware providers and resellers make affiliate programs available where I receive a referral fee on each sale when you click a link before your purchase. Affiliate links are clearly marked and completely optional. Their sole purpose is to allow my community to support the channel financially if they choose to do so, at no extra cost.


Customs/Import fees are the responsibility of the company sending the product. I simply cannot afford to pay customs fees on products that are sent to me so by sending me products, you are accepting any potential customs/import fees. Failure to pay such fees may result in the customs office not releasing the product to me, or even sending it back to the original sender.


My video content is my property. It is not permitted to re-upload my content without my explicit permission. Individual snippets can be shared provided they are in the correct context and link to the original video. Sharing links to my content is allowed and does not require my permission. Using quotes from my videos requires explicit permission to avoid lost context or misleading messages.


If there are specific points that you would like to highlight, feel free to suggest these to me and I will give them extra attention when reviewing the product. However, I do not accept prescribed transcripts from companies. In other words, every single word in each one of my reviews is mine and not dictated by anyone else. This is very important.


In the event that a product needs improvement or does not work correctly, I like to work with the company to communicate and iron out these flaws. However, it is important to note that I am a product reviewer and not a free beta tester. I am very reasonable but I can only spend so much time with each product.


I never watch other reviews of products before I finish my own reviews. This helps to keep my thoughts un-influenced and unbiased.

Sponsored videos, streams and merch are possible but must avoid all conflict of interest. I refuse to accept money in any shape or form from a company who creates sim racing hardware as it may have a perceived impact on my review process. Resellers, software companies and many other companies are suited to sponsorship and there are many options available.

Introductions to companies are possible under the following conditions. Firstly, I will not introduce a content creator to a company unless said company requests the communications. Secondly, I am happy to introduce companies to other companies where it makes sense. In all cases introductions are only every made after both parties agree to the introduction. At that point I make the introduction and step away from the conversation. Again, I refuse to benefit financially from making introductions and facilitating networking.a


If you wish to get in touch about sending a product for review, please join my discord ( or contact me via the ‘contact’ section of this website

In August of 2019 i took the plunge and started a YouTube channel, with a side project of learning how YouTube monetization, namely advertising on videos, could generate revenue. My goal was to reach 1,000 subscribers within a year. We hit that within 4 months. My goal was to make €1 from monetization and thanks to an active and generous community, we’ve smashed that goal too. The next goal was to reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube which we reached in April 2022. The next goals? I’m not sure really… Things are pretty good right now!

  1. I have built a respected Sim Racing hardware review channel
  2. I have found a balance of family life, work life and sim racing life
  3. I have won and podiumed several competitive online sim racing leagues and championships
  4. I have given away over €10,000 worth of prizes on my channel so far
  5. I have helped many businesses, especially smaller ones to gain exposure and ultimately achieve the sales figures that they gained by releasing and supplying good products
  6. I have built an exceptionally strong and loyal community which is growing rapidly
  7. We have helped good causes and charities across the world
  8. I was a guest analyst at the Digital Motorsports World Cup 2021
  9. I attended Autosport 2020 and the ADAC SimRacing EXPO 2021
  10. I drove in a competitive esports race at the ADAC 500 representing Digital Motorsports