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Laurence Dusoswa

Father and part time Sim Racing content creator, petrol head and long term sim racer for at least the past 20 years. I got my first force feedback steering wheel at the age of 13, back in 1998. I sunk thousands of hours into some amazing simulation titles like Colin McRae Rally, looking for those hundredths and thousandths of seconds from morning until night.

So what's the craic?

In August of 2019 i took the plunge and started a YouTube channel, with a side project of learning how YouTube monetization, namely advertising on videos, could generate revenue. My goal was to reach 1,000 subscribers within a year. We hit that within 4 months. My goal was to make €1 from monetization and thanks to an active and generous community, we’ve smashed that goal too. The next goal is to reach 5,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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  1. I have won and podiumed several competitive online sim racing leagues and championships
  2. I have given away over €1,000 worth of prizes on my channel so far
  3. I have helped many businesses, especially smaller ones, to achieve the sales figures that I knew they were capable of.
  4. I have built a strong and loyal community which is growing rapidly