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Author: Laurence

https://youtu.be/hwKnU7-H62s Product link: https://vnmsimulation.com/ Every rally driver or drifter needs a handbrake. A nice handbrake can look amazing on a rig and when positioned and used correctly can give you superpowers behind the wheel. As our sim racing journey evolves, the quality of our hardware goes with it. It's actually an incredible time to be

Product affiliate linksSC2 Sport : https://digital-motorsports.com/products/simucube-2-sport?aff=2 SC2 Pro: https://digital-motorsports.com/products/simucube-pro-2-direct-drive-wheel-base?aff=2 Simlab P1-X: https://digital-motorsports.com/products/p1-x-sim-racing-chassis?aff=2 Simlab front mount: https://digital-motorsports.com/products/front-mounting-bracket-set?aff=2 https://youtu.be/BLcnHPhW-yE These days, we accept that direct drive is the gold standard for force feedback. Our only issue is balancing the hardware we want, with the hardware we can afford.Simucube is synonymous with exceptional force feedback, so today I

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFAW2DA4_f4 Product Link: https://kglcreationlab.com/product/kgl-sim-racing-dashboard-pc-kgl-ddu4/?lang=en Every now an then, you stumble across premium quality hardware, at a relatively affordable price. I've got quite a lot of experience with this type of sim racing display now, and simply couldn't believe it when Kenny from KGL Sim Racing messaged me to tell me that they have created this

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYn3yVhzIBM Product link: https://digital-motorsports.com/products/sequential-shifter?aff=2 To some people, the pursuit of realism runs deep. Sometimes, real racers struggle to adapt to simulation setups because the hardware doesn't quite feel like the real thing. This can often disappoint real racers, but more significantly, it can often be a barrier for people which prevents them from taking simulation