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Fanatec Affiliate Links

The Fanatec Affiliate program is a great way for you to support this channel. It doesn't cost you extra, but if you click my affiliate link before you purchase, I'll make a small commission which really goes a long way towards paying the bills around here. Thank you to everyone who has used these links so far.

Amazon Affiliate Links

If you're buying anything on Amazon, just click my link before you buy and I'll make a small commission, depending on the items. Some items like tech and sim gear often carry a 5% commission. The affiliate program covers all items in the Amazon store. If your amazon store isn't listed, contact me here or on my discord and I'll add it right away.

Superchats on YouTube, Stars on Facebook, Bits on Twitch. Donations during streams are great fun and greatly appreciated

Join the Potato Nation on YouTube. There are 4 levels of membership available. Each offers perks but there is no exclusive content as being a member is a bonus, not a requirement.

If you're not on YouTube, you can become a Patron on Patreon which is a standalone support platform which helps to generate a small part time income.

Free ways to support the channel

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Simply comment, like and share my content. It's worth more than a donation.

Social media

At the bottom of the page you'll see my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch links.

When the stream ends, the conversation continues in my Discord Server. Come say Hi!

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