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Laurence Dusoswa

Sim Racing Buyer’s Upgrade Guide | PC | PS5 | Xbox Series X

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NOTE: The following Amazon and Fanatec links are affiliate links. You will still be purchasing directly from them, for the same price, but I will make a commission if you buy via these links. Those commissions help to pay the bills around here 🙂

Start: 0:00

Entry Level: 0:55
Steering wheel – Logitech G923:
Steering wheel – Logitech G920:
Steering wheel – Logitech G29:
Steering wheel – Thrustmaster T300RS:
SHH Shifter:
Handbrake – Cheap Handbrakes:
Rig – Playseat Challenge:

Mid level: 4:42
Steering wheel – Thrustmaster TS-XW:
Steering wheel – Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer:
Steering wheel – Fanatec CSL Elite:
Pedals – Thrustmaster T-LCM:
Pedals – Fanatec CSL Elite LC:
SHH Shifter:
Fanatec Handbrake:
Rig – Simetik K2:

High end: 8:55
Steering wheel – Fanatec Clubsport V2.5:
Steering wheel – Simagic M10:
Steering wheel – Fanatec DD1:
Pedals – Fanatec Clubsport v3:
Clubsport pedals performance kit:
Shifter – Fanatec Clubsport:
Handbrake – Fanatec V1.5:
Rig – Sim-lab GT1 Evo:

Top End: 12:29
Steering wheel – Simucube SC2 Pro:
Pedals – Heusinkeld Sprint:
Pedals – Meca Cup1:
Shifter – Fanatec Clubsport:
Handbrake – Heusinkveld Handbrake:
Rig – Sim-lab P1-X:

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