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  • MOZA R12 & MOZA KS Review and comparison
    The small form Moza wheelbases have proven themselves to be a massive hit with first time Direct Drive users. This is the FIFTH DD wheelbase offering from Moza. That’s more DD offerings than any other manufacturer. They’ve also just released this unbelievably affordable KS wheel which is aimed specifically at GT driving. This… Read more: MOZA R12 & MOZA KS Review and comparison
  • Moza R5 | Long Term Review
    An affordable Direct Drive wheelbase this time 3 years ago was just under €1,000 for the wheelbase alone. So much has changed in that short space of time that we are now seeing wheelbase, steering wheel AND pedal combos for almost half that. It’s becoming very difficult not to join the DD revolution… Read more: Moza R5 | Long Term Review
  • Moza R16 Long Term Review
    It seems a common trend now that some sim racing hardware companies already have a background in creating and delivering products in a different market. Moza is the latest of this type of company to emerge, and with their unique looking wheelbases with bright playful colours, they hope to make a big impression.… Read more: Moza R16 Long Term Review